Full automatic visible foreign object detection system
"Global technology, made in China intelligently "Shi Qile has a foothold in China and a global perspective. At present, he has set up branches and scientific research cooperation points in the United States and Singapore, and has established a w
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  Full automatic visible foreign object detection system product introduction

  The company is a global enterprise, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of laboratory instruments. At present, the main products include full-automatic visible foreign matter detection system, full-automatic biodegradation system, automatic cleaning machine for laboratory utensils, heavy metal cleaning machine, special cleaning agent for laboratory, etc.

  "Global technology, made in China intelligently "Shi Qile has a foothold in China and a global perspective. At present, he has set up branches and scientific research cooperation points in the United States and Singapore, and has established a wholly owned modern chemical plant in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area in China. The factory is located at the junction of Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Shunde Golden Triangle in Guangdong Province. With the support of the Pearl River Delta industrial chain, skilled industrial workers and excellent engineers, combined with our global knowledge system, our product technology and quality It has been promoted rapidly and stands out in the global competition.

  "Customer first, service foremost". Shi Qile knows the importance of customers and attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. At present, Shi Qile has sales networks and after-sales service stations in major cities across the country, which can provide customers with perfect services before, during and after sales. The service stations are equipped with sufficient spare parts warehouses and professional engineers, which can provide users with localized services faster and better.

  Visible foreign bodies refer to insoluble substances that exist in injections, ophthalmic liquid preparations and sterile APIs and can be observed visually under specified conditions. Their particle size or length is usually greater than 50um.

  The traditional manual light inspection has many problems, such as high vision requirements, fatigue, error detection and leak detection. Therefore, everyone is looking for solutions with higher automation and accuracy.

  VIDI 3860 full-automatic visible foreign object detection system came into being. The professional R&D team has decades of experience in image analysis and processing, combined with precision machinery manufacturing, modern optical technology and sequential image processing technology, to develop the third generation of fully automatic visible foreign object detection system.

  The VIDI 3860 full-automatic visible foreign object detection system realizes the accurate counting and accurate quantification of visible foreign objects through the "track tracking" algorithm. At the same time, it integrates the robotic arm to automatically grab the sample for injection. The process does not require manual supervision and is simple to operate.

  Integrated design

  The injection system, detection system and operating system are integrated, and only one machine is needed to complete.

  High efficiency, reducing manual operation

  Beautiful and land saving

  New precise algorithm

  A new "trajectory tracking" algorithm is added to enable the system to continuously track and record every particle recorded to form a particle trajectory.

  Track tracking is equivalent to the number of micro visible foreign objects. The track route generated by particle movement is recorded and calculated to accurately calculate the number of foreign objects and particles.


  Precise detection

  Visible foreign matters are defined as particles larger than 50? m. The system can distinguish 40 μ M and 60 μ M standard particle, 40 μ M is negative in the instrument, 60 μ M is positive in the instrument.

  Full automatic grabbing device

  The manipulator automatically grabs the sample for injection without manual supervision, and automatically records after the experiment is completed.

  Video recording and playback function

  One minute after the sample is adjusted and rotated, 75 pictures are taken, and the video is synthesized. The video image can be replayed to observe the real condition of the sample. The video image data can be exported.

  Four level authority management

  It has the function of authority grading. It can manage the authority of multiple users and multiple levels. The authority of each level and account can be customized according to the type of authority in the software, meeting the requirements of data integrity.

  Audit tracking function

  It has the audit trail function, and the audit trail function cannot be closed after it is enabled. The system can record the records and time of users logging in or generating, modifying, deleting electronic data.

  Application examples

  Fiber and wool detection

  For foreign matters such as fibers and fine hairs that are light in weight and easy to float on the liquid surface, the instrument will cover the light spot at the top during detection to prevent the light spot from affecting the detection results and causing false positive. For this reason, when the sample rotates for the first time, the shading part of the instrument is also detected at the same time, so that the foreign matters suspended around the liquid surface can not escape.

  Generally, suspended solids enter from the outside, such as hair, clothing fibers, and even some small pieces of rubber stoppers of penicillin bottles fall off. The system has made a lot of data for such samples to prevent such samples from missing inspection.

  Metal chips and glass chips detection

  Due to the heavy quality of metal chips and glass chips, they will stop moving quickly in the process of bottle rotation. Therefore, we have optimized the algorithm of metal chips and glass chips, and the time for specific detection of metal chips and glass chips is advanced.

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