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Love mountains, water and the world, not only on this day Type:Events      2022-12-11



  It is the 29th "World Water Day"


  2.2 billion people in the world still lack access to safe drinking water

  at present

  Serious water pollution

  There are more than 420 billion cubic meters of sewage in the world every year

  Discharged into rivers, lakes and seas

  Polluted 5.5 trillion cubic meters of fresh water

  This is equivalent to more than 14% of the total global runoff

  Water is not only a natural substance to maintain life, but also an important building element of human society and culture

  No water

  Not only can human life not be continued

  Human society is also unsustainable

  The protection and rational utilization of water resources are extremely urgent

  Everyone should make their own contribution to water conservation

  STIER Shi Qile always pays attention to the sustainable development of the earth's ecology

  Actively respond to the call of "water saving first"

  Constantly improve the technological level of enterprise products

  Strive to maximize energy conservation and consumption reduction

  SIER Shiqile Laboratory Utensils Automatic Cleaning Machine

  Adopt a new generation of double back water supply structure

  No acid soaking during cleaning

  Perfect substitute for household cleaning agent in the laboratory

  Completely clean without residue

  Flexible basket combination

  It can realize simultaneous cleaning of multiple kinds of containers in two/three layers at a time


  Larger cleaning capacity and higher cleaning efficiency

  The water consumption is only 1/3 of some brand bottle washers

  Far lower than the water consumption for manual cleaning

  Use detergent with 90% biodegradation rate

  Environmentally friendly

  It will not cause eutrophication of water body

  To protect the environment, Shi Qile has been taking action!

  Select the automatic cleaning machine for utensils in Shiqile Laboratory

  Protect water resources and protect the earth

  Let's work together!

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