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STIER's Family Adds Another "Cow Doll" Type:Events      2022-12-11

  In 2021, the "most strict plastic restriction order" has become a hot topic of discussion. Have you found that Starbucks no longer uses its plastic straw; When shopping at the supermarket, biodegradable shopping bags become a new choice

  All cities are fully implementing the requirements of the upgraded plastic restriction order. It is conceivable that in the future, everyone who loves the earth and strives for environmental protection will become a non plastic customer.

  With the implementation of a new round of plastic restriction order, biodegradable materials have become a new favorite in the market and will usher in explosive growth.

  Is "degradable" really degradable? Is there any way to test whether a material is degradable? The answer is yes.

  Shiqile actively responded to the market and customer needs,

  Heavy launch of the second "cow doll"

  "Fully automatic material biodegradation testing system"


  The testing system is used to accurately detect the biodegradability of materials under aerobic composting conditions, and is one of the necessary equipment for major scientific research, quality inspection, drug inspection and universities to research, analyze and test the degradable materials.

  It consists of accurate temperature control system, 12 position reaction vessel, air mass flow control, humidification system, air supply system and PLC control system.

  It can realize automatic detection without the need for users to explore detection methods and conditions.

  Shi Qile's engineer team has accumulated a lot of experience in biodegradation. Aiming at the requirements of aerobic degradation, the instrument has been optimized multiple times to ensure that the detection process does not require personnel to look after, and the detection results are accurate and reliable.

  The system has 12/24/36/48/60 modules to choose from, which can be stacked by building blocks as required to meet the requirements for the number of tests in different periods of the laboratory.

  STIER  provides professional "fully automatic material biodegradation testing system" series of services to help enterprises respond to the call of the country and develop rapidly!

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