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Wise people go forward Type:Events      2022-12-11

  On January 24, 2021, the STIER2020 dealer exchange meeting ended successfully. The meeting was held online and offline simultaneously, and lasted for three days. More than 200 dealers from all over the country were invited to witness the achievements of STIER in 2020, study and judge the situation with everyone, gather consensus, and look forward to the goals and vision of the new year.


  The new competition pattern has come, and challenges and opportunities coexist. At the meeting, Qiu Yueyi, General Manager of Shi Qile, interpreted the industry trend and proposed to work with dealers to promote the company's development strategic planning around "continuous innovation and customer service". In 2021, Shi Qile will continue to strive for product innovation and upgrading, and help dealers go against the current in the economic tide. President Qiu emphasized that Shi Qile insisted on making high-quality products, focusing on customer needs, building a unique intelligent application culture of Shi Qile, and striving to build a good reputation for Shi Qile's good quality!


  Lai Jianmei, the company's technical director, introduced Shi Qile's efforts and achievements in product technology, production control and after-sales application to the guests. All dealers have further understood the product highlights and technical advantages of the automatic cleaning machine for utensils in Shiqile Laboratory.


  The year 2020 is not only an extraordinary year for STIER, but also a year of rapid development. Whether in adversity or prosperity, Shi Qile always insists on providing customers with energy efficient and high-quality products and services with stronger centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness.

  In the future, STIER will continue to work with all partners to create new brilliance.

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